Dona Matilde




Dona Matilde is a family owned Estate located in the banks of the river Douro. Dona Matilde, formerly known as Enxodreiro, is among the oldest and most famous properties in the Douro. In the XVIII century the quinta was already part of the vinhas de feitoria– the small set of properties within the first wine demarcation of origin in the world, by the Marquis of Pombal. Even today the vineyards have the highest rating in the region, used in the Port wine sector- letter A.

Augusto Leal wrote in his book Portugal Antigo e Moderno, in 1875:

"the wine of this quinta is very fine, despite its cultivation seeming to be very expensive owing to the steepness of the terrain and its composition of schist rock"


Located on the north bank of the Douro River, near Bagaúste dam, the Quinta has 28 hectares of top quality vineyards, all classified with the highest ranking by the Douro region register. Dona Matilde has traditional old vineyards of the Douro, aged 70 to 90, and more recently, with about 20 years.

Quinta Dona Matilde is also an important natural habitat in the Douro. With total surface of 93 hectares and a large area occupied by uncultivated land, natural vegetation, which includes the so-called mortórios and also many olive trees - 1100 recorded, but in the old registers of the founders has 12 000 olive trees in the middle of the last century.

With large trees and stone walls, the paths also have orange trees, lemon trees, terraced gardens with hundreds of roses and other fruit bearing trees spread around a vast area of typical Mediterranean vegetation. This biodiversity territory is also inhabited by partridges, milhafres, Bonelli eagles; hares, foxes and wild boars; snakes, spiders and many other insects.



The Quinta Dona Matilde was acquired by Manoel Moreira de Barros in 1927. The aquision of the farm happened in a period of a great development in the family wine business having benefits in significant property improvements: in addition to the planting of new vineyards, the house was built and also the gardens. In honour of his wife, Manoel de Barros renamed the property, Dona Matilde.


In 2006, the Barros family sold the Barros Goup, and with it Dona Matilde. A few months later, without Douro, Manuel Ângelo Barros, grandson of Manoel Moreira de Barros unhappy to see the quinta outside of family hands, managed to buy it back.

Quinta Dona Matilde return to the family at the end of 2006.

"The project Dona Matilde invests in the production and marketing of top quality DOC Douro and Port wine, expression of terroir and knowledge of generations."



Manuel Ângelo Barros, grandson of the founder of the Barros group, managed the family project for 30 years, leading investments in the vineyard and in the construction of a technologically advanced winery.

He also excelled in civic positions, such as president of the Port Wine Exporters Association and director of the Porto Trade Association. With a degree in Electrical Engineering and courses in Oenology, his influence spanned both business and community.

MANUEL ÂNGELO BARROS - Managing Director

Filipe Barros, youngest son of Manuel Ângelo Barros, aquired his sales experience at Aidil Wines, an importer and distributor in the USA. He also worked at Ibersol, at Calém Distribuição as Marketing Manager, responsible for Cálem Port wines in Portugal.

Filipe has a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Catholic University of Porto, a postgraduate qualification in Marketing from Católica Lisbon and an MBA from INSEAD (France and Singapore). His career includes important positions in sales and marketing for wine and food companies.

Filipe Barros – Sales & Marketing Director

João Pissarra, oenologist and professor at UTAD, combines theory and practice, using his doctorate in organic chemistry to study aguardente in Port wine, benefiting producers. With a degree in agronomy from UTAD, he has been a winemaker since 1996 and has a history in family production. In the Dona Matilde project, he collaborates with oenologist José Maria Machado, who has been linked to the Barros family for decades.

João Pissarra – Enology

José Carlos Oliveira with vast experience in agricultural management and in the practice of sustainable viticulture, he is attentive to knowledge and innovation, which lead to better organisational solutions, environmental and human protection, and technical and technological development, always framed within the permanent sustainability spirit of the company's business decisions.

José Carlos Oliveira – Viticulture

José Bonzinho tem construído o seu percurso profissional na área da criação, implementação e gestão de equipas comerciais, atividade que iniciou em 1990, na Matutano. Trabalha na área comercial do projeto Quinta Dona Matilde desde 2011, criando a rede de distribuidores e impulsionando a venda dos vinhos da marca em garrafeiras, lojas e restaurantes de todo o país. Para além da paixão pelos vinhos, tem como hobby a pesca de achigã, caminhadas na natureza e aviação (...)

José Bonzinho – Nacional Sales Manager

Encarregado do pessoal e caseiro da Quinta Dona Matilde, Agostinho Costa vive na quinta há anos. Agricultor natural da região, Agostinho Costa conhece todos os tempos e agruras do Douro, mas sente também o privilégio de poder acordar diariamente numa casa com vista para o rio Douro. Nas tarefas agrícolas diárias tem o apoio de Salete Monteiro, tratorista ágil e destemida, normalmente acompanhada pela cadela Matilde, grande apreciadora dos passeios no trator.

Agostinho Moreira Costa – Farmer